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Happy Homeowner Testimonials 

Helping Homeowners for over 17 years


Lew - Bartlett, TN

"Nothing but good things to say about Michael and David Ligon, I recommend that you contact them if you need to sell a house. These fellas are extremely knowledge and can help you with any situation you’re facing. Look no further, this is a great company. Thanks again".


Maria, - undisclosed

"Thanks for making it easy, I'm a single mom with 2 kids and my days are already loco. So after I got divorced I had to sell the house to find something more affordable. I called this company and they gave me a great price to sell and I didnt have to do any work to the house, they bought it just as it was. It was no problems and really fast. So thanks to everyone.  ;o)


Anissa - Memphis, TN

"Hi Mike & Dave, just wanted to thank you guys for making this whole process so easy for me. I was a bit overwhelmed with the passing of my Dad, so thank you for handling everything for us. I highly recommend the Ligons to anybody who needs to sell your house, they're very professional and will make everything super easy and stress free."


"Nice doing business with you gentlemen. My father had a saying “never do business with a man with a weak handshack” well Mike you have a solid handshake my friend. I glad I contacted you guys to buy my pops house. I can’t wait to see what it looks like after you remodel it. I’ll definitely spread the word that the Ligon Brothers are the real deal. Thanks"



"Mike, Thank you for taking my parents house off my hands. The Real Estate Agent I was talking to wanted me to spend 10 thousand dollars renovating the kitchen and bathrooms just to put it on the market. Who has 10 grans laying around to spend on an old house just to sell it? Crazy. I'm so glad my Neighbor told me to call you guys! I don't know what I would have done otherwise. I don't think I would have called any of those "Cash House" companies because I think there all scammers, so I'm glad you were recommended to me. You guys are the real deal! Thanks again."

Barbra J - Germantown, TN


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"I'd like to thank Mr. Ligon for for his insight into my business. I've been in Real Estate for 30 years and he really opened my eyes to a better way of investing. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I'm going to use this knowledge for the next phase in my life. Thanks Mike and I look forwards to doing many more deals with you in the very near future."

- Kevin, Miami FL


"The Ligons are awesome. They bought my Dads place about a year ago and now they bought my cousins house which helped out soooo much becasue of this hole Covid mess. Thanx guys

- K. J.


"Just wanted to say how happy I am that I found your Company. For those of you that are reading this, I searched around a lot looking for a way to sell my Dads house. After they moved into a nursing home it was up to me to take care of it and it had way too many issues. I talked with several Real Estate Agents and they all promised the moon and stars but none of them came through. I had to keep paying the property taxes and yard maintenance and it was a nightmare! Then I found Mike & Dave online and they made it super easy to finally sell the house. They offered me cash with no strings attached, I got the money in 3 weeks. It was great. Thanks guys! I highy recommend them!" 

- Christy, Memphis, TN

Tamara Knox.jpg

Tamara - Hollywood, FL

"I called The Ligon Group because they bought my Neighbors house and I saw them remodeling the place and it looked great. I had a property that was given to me and my brother when my Father passed. I wanted to sell it, but the Realtors that we called all told us that we should fix it up first. When I called these guys they came out and gave me a great offer as-is. We're so glad we didn't spend money on fixing the property and paying a Realtor to try and sell it, it was much easier to deal with the Ligon Group. Thanks guys, I will recommend you to anyone looking to sell a home."


Cody - Bartlett, TN

"I give you guys a 5 star rating! You guys did exactly what you said you’d do and you even closed faster than anticipated. Great experience, I was a little skeptical calling a “we buy houses” company but you guys are nothing like the other companies I spoke to. I really like that you guys are local, you’re a family business and you care about your clients. I wouldn’t be able to work all day with my brother lol (sorry not sorry Billy)"


Philip - West palm Beach, FL

"I've worked with this Company in it's Rehab division doing some remodeling work and they're really great to work with and for. I've also heard nothing but good things from all the clients that I've interacted with that they have helped. Great Firm and Great Guys to work with."

and Many, Many, Many More....

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